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The Communications Department supports students, staff, 家长和社区成员通过战略性和创造性的方法处理公共和媒体关系, 数字通信和内外部信息共享.

  • Community, public, government and media relations
  • 区域网站内容创作与管理
  • 区域社交媒体的内容创作和管理
  • 宣传/报导学生及学校的成绩
  • 推广/覆盖地区、学校和学生的倡议和活动
  • 每周电子通讯《888贵宾会登录网址》的制作
  • 印刷材料和报告的创作和制作
  • Crisis communication and mass messaging
  • Photography and videography
  • Writing and editing
  • Graphic design and infographics
  • 支持家长和社区团体(pto, booster, REF, RHSSF等).)
  • Support RHS student A/V club (RadTV)
  • Support/promote RHS and RMS Athletics

Our Team

Theji Brennan

Acting Director of Communications

Megan DeVecchis

Communications Assistant

Nikki Krohn

Video Support Specialist

The Radnor Reader


Radnor Reader Submission Guidelines

How We Communicate